- USD payment via Square or PayPal invoice only.
- I will start working on the commission after receiving full payment, and will send thumbs/WIP before moving forward to  the final drawing.
- When sending a request, please specify the type of commission, the number of characters, and visual specifics on all characters involved. (pose, colors, attire, heights, etc.) Reference images and MSPaint scribbles are great!
- Additional characters will add 50% of the original price. (ex. a full body color comm featuring 2 characters = $100 + $50)
- The WIP will be the final chance to make changes free of charge. Any changes requested afterwards will cost additional payment.
- Should there also be any unexpected complexity in your request, I will charge more to compensate for the extra time.
- Commissions can include either a solid color shape for the background or no background at all.
- No NSFW, PDA, or suggestive themes/fanservice; in general, I reserve the right to turn down any requests I am uncomfortable with.
- Commissions are for personal use only. Usage of my artwork to be sold physically and/or digitally to others (NFT, printed merchandise, reselling of any kind, etc.) is prohibited.
- I reserve the right to post these commissions on my social media.

Please email me at mightyniiart@gmail.com with your request and/or any other questions you may have! Thanks!
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